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Halloween Yoga!

Today is Halloween.     Have your yoga kids come to class dressed up in their costume.     Make great Halloween Theme decorations up at the yoga studio.  Halloween Yoga Ideas for Kids from this website: Some games and activities and games to use with kids in Halloween yoga class. Boo breath: Take a big […]

Skills kids can learn in Yoga through Partner Poses.

      Children can make new friends that they never spoke to before when they do a partner pose with a classmate. This can help them gain social skills, participation skills, and initiating practice as well as helping each other gain flexibility.  Other skills they gain with their yoga partner is trust, communication, eye contact in some poses, balance and […]

Did you know that Yoga can help Kids with Developmental Disorders?

1. Several children and adolescents have Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) because it is one of the most common developmental disorders. Studies have proven that if children who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and practice yoga at least once or twice a week they will have improved behavior, focus and school performance. 2. Sensory Processing […]