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Links List!

Namaste, everyone! Every so often, we read articles or sites online that we absolutely love and want to share with our young yogis. Here are a few that caught our attention this week: Healthy recipes your kid will love:¬†This recipe list includes healthy versions of your child’s favorite snacks, including fish sticks and french fries! […]

How to Raise an Olympic Champion

Namaste, readers! Have you been watching the Olympics? Here at Hosh, we have a bit of Olympic fever. I personally have spent have my time glued to the TV, and half my time daydreaming about winning a medal in snowboarding (never mind the fact that I’ve never snowboarded). Whether your child likes to twirl on […]

What to do with a Cold

Namaste, friends! How are you and your children? We hope everyone’s doing well with the snow. I’m writing this post today on a slightly selfish topic. I just caught a cold, and have been slurping tea and soup all day. I’m still working, but as we all know, not all colds are created equal. How […]

On Being a Role Model

Namaste, and welcome back to the Hosh Kids blog! Today, I want to take a moment to talk about something that we at Hosh Kids feel hasn’t received nearly enough attention. If you’re reading this, it means you believe in the power of art and exercise to improve children’s minds and bodies–or, at least, you’re […]