What Does Yoga Teach Children?

Yoga at a young age has the ability to teach children many, many different things. Children are very receptive of information. Their brains are like sponges and with yoga to teach them positive messages at early ages, development can only improve.  Along with many other lessons, yoga can teach children to:

  • Be open to as many different perspectives as possible. This can help children to learn and accept others with different views and who may live differently than they do.
  • To take risks and try things that they normally wouldn’t try. Maybe a new after school activity or class relating to a hobby.
  • To remain curious and always ask questions. Questions will lead to new information and broaden their horizons to things that they may have otherwise overlooked.

 Introducing yoga to your children doesn’t have to necessarily mean putting them in a class regularly. Starting slow and having them practice with you it a great way to bond while introducing a new kind of exercise. It can even be made into a game and have the children copy the position you are in.



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