Post-Yoga Munchies

Post exercise nutrition is just as important as what you eat before a workout. This keeps your metabolism in high gear and helps maintain the progress achieved from working out. When exercising, we are actually depleting energy from our bodies in the form of glycogen that is stored in muscles. Our brains need glycogen for fuel. Of course everyone is tired after working out but forgetting to refuel after a workout can lead to muscle tissue breakdown.

Children are always in high gear and exercise more than adults do. It is important that children refuel after exercise in order to ensure proper muscle development and a healthy body. A post-yoga munchie should be consumed 30-60 minutes after practicing. A combination of lean protein and a small amount of carbs would be the best type of munchie. Protein helps muscle development and carbs help push nutrients to muscles faster. A couple of hardboiled eggs are good for on the go snacks. Foods such as: salads with steamed vegetables, apple slices with almond butter (or hummus), and edamame are great snacks to introduce children to after exercising. Remember that a healthy yoga practice is a balanced practice.


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