Letter to our NYC Community

Letter To Our NYC Community

Hosh Kids will never refuse programming to families or schools lacking funds. This is a core principle at our organization, and one of the reasons why we really value our volunteers, teachers, schools, and parents.

The reason why Hosh Kids makes this promise to parents and schools is that we believe we have an obligation to improve the quality of life for America’s youngest. We educate the whole being in every child. Statistics indicate that 20% of children don’t have access to after-school programs.

Growing up, I was part of that 20%, and I’m still meeting families who grappled with the same issues I faced as a child in a single-mother home. Just recently I met an accomplished family in Midtown that had to discuss if they could afford an exercise class for their toddler for one semester. Imagine that! Sadly, there are schools faced with tough budget cuts, limiting their ability to bring even the most affordable private- and non-profit-based after school programs to their students.That’s where we come into the picture. We subsidize programs. And our volunteer-based programs offer new options to schools and other educational entities. I believe government, non-profits, and the private sector can and should focus the dialogue on the need for volunteerism in schools and after-school programs.
We must make these educational initiatives a priority. An hour a week can change a life, and it’s these kinds of voluntary associations that made this country rise in the first place. And we need more volunteers to serve as role models for children in public schools.Volunteer work can break the school to prison cycle for countless children. In economic terms, the savings to the country are enormous.  I can’t imagine my life without volunteering. Give it a try. The country and the world need us.
Henry Cross
Founder Hosh Kids