Hosh Kids FAQ

1. How do I register?
You can register and submit payment by paying on our website or dropping off payment at the studio during teaching hours. If you are paying check, make a check payable to: Hosh Yoga.
2. Where is your studio located?
Hosh Kids
55 Nassau Ave 1C (Side entrance in front of Spritzenhaus)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Click here for a map to our studio

3. Can my child join at any time, or do I have to sign up at the beginning of the semester?
Our goal is to accommodate as many families and children at any stage in our session.
4. What should my child wear to dance class at Hosh Kids?
Hosh Kids does not enforce a dress code or require a uniform. We ask that children to dress in comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement. Children are barefoot, with socks, or with sneakers/dance shoes in class.5. Can parents watch class?
Yes! Any class, any time! Come see their growth, skill development, and improvements.

6. What if we miss a class?
We do not refund tuition for absences. Please contact Program Director, Henry Cross, if you have any other questions or you’d like for us to work on an accommodation.

8. Do boys take dance?
Boys are not only welcome but most encouraged to join the studio especially in ballroom classes.

9. How can I stay up-to-date about upcoming classes and events?
Join the Facebook Page on our website to hear about events, student shout-outs, and all relevant information. You can also check our website for all up to date information.

10. Our family cannot afford it, do you provide scholarships?
Yes! Our mission and our commitment to community and families incorporates a scholarship component at our studio. You can apply to receive a discounted 12 week class for your child.

11. How many students are needed to start a new class?
We will begin a new class with 7 registered students for the session.

12. Do you offer private lessons?
Yes! We are happy to accommodate private lessons by appointment only at $50 per 45 minute lesson.

13. What is maximum enrollment per class? I have been waitlisted and how will I know if the spot becomes available?
Maximum enrollment per class is 12. We will call or email you immediately if the spot becomes available.

14. My toddler is 2 years old, can he join the Little Kids program?
We’d most definitely welcome your toddler to class to see if it is a good match for the Little Kids program. If you have any other questions call us at (718) 599-9642 or email us at Henry@hoshyoga.org

15. I’d like to have a birthday or special event at your studio? What are the rates?
We can accommodate birthday or special events at a rate of $75 for the first hour with $25 per subsequent hour.

16. What does a class at Hosh Kids look like?
Our Children 1st philosophy incorporates choice, praise, and maximum play. Classes will have a clear beginning, middle, and end. There will be a warm up activity followed by skills and content development for the majority of class, with a very brief cool down at the end.

17. My budget is tight, can I pay weekly?
Absolutely! We will offer you a weekly payment plan as low as $15 per week. See tuition & rates section. If you couldn’t find your answer in our FAQ or you have any questions, please email Program Director Henry Cross at: Henry@hoshyoga.org