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About School Enrichment

Schools want the best for their students. But sometimes, your students’ enrichment program needs are at odds with budgetary restraints. It’s hard enough to handle the daily challenges of the academic learning environment. With so many young lives on the line, we know that Hosh Kids can effectively navigate the realities of school-day and afterschool enrichment, balancing cost and quality.

We know enrichment school programs are not only a key element of school success, but at Hosh Kids it is also a financially plausible solution to your schools’ limited resources. Hosh Kids will NOT turn down a school for lack of financial resources. It hasn’t happened and it will not happen. We believe in our nonprofit’s ability to subsidize programs and recruit volunteers when needed. We can ensure that enrichment education remains a right of life, rather than a luxury.

Our teachers undergo a thorough screening and selection process with on-going and on-site professional development throughout the year. And better yet, our Arts on a Budget promise will offer your school the most fair and conscious rates for us to work together as partners putting purpose before profits. Our model blends behavioral psychology and the science of kids yoga on budget-friendly options.

Today Hosh Kids offers school-day and after school programs in:

Over 30 program in NYC

Reaching over 3000 children per week

Bring Us To Your School

Hosh Kids is committed to offering children an innovative yoga, dance, and music programming both throughout the school day and after school programs. Our philosophy is simple: we will never turn down a school, parent, or child for lack of ability to pay. We currently offer programs in over 30 locations throughout New York City, and reach over 3000 children every week. The organization is run by a seasoned educator, Henry Cross. Our experienced instructors undergo a thorough screening and selection process with on-going and on-site professional development throughout the year.

We work on every child’s self-expression, confidence, and mastery in their specific enrichment area. Additionally, we will customize our programs to each school’s specifications and needs.

But why would we offer such a wonderful school program? What’s the catch? There must be a catch, right? RIGHT?

Nope, no catch. We’re dedicated to diminishing inequality and offering children programming that can improve their minds, bodies, and lives. We’re situated in an area where about 55% of youths live in poverty. Our mission is supported by a staggering amount of research, including  findings that yoga can reduce stress and help manage chronic health problems, and findings that it can improve academic performance.

These kids deserve a chance. And Hosh Kids can give it to them.

We make it possible for every school in the city to afford our programming, because our kids can’t afford to go without.

We welcome you to contact our Executive Director, Henry Cross. Call us at (718) 599-9642. Or email us at


Our Children 1st teaching model is a researched based approach to enrichment education based on a concrete understanding of praise, motivation, and self-esteem leading to greater collaboration, choice, and play in the learning environment. We blend time-tested behavioral psychology and the science of kids yoga to offer schools budget-friendly options. We incorporate the best practices in school day education and apply them to an enrichment classroom setting. Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion and Rick Lavoie’s The Motivation Breakthrough are key elements of our teaching philosophy. We strive to understand and serve the non-academic aspects of every child through divergent thinking as thoroughly explained by Sir Ken Robinson.

Understanding Praise

Understanding Motivation

Understanding Self-esteem

How Physical Fitness May Promote School Success

How Kids Yoga Could Help Kids Stay In School

Current and Past School Programs

New York Mets Autism Awareness Day

Hosh Yoga Kids Program

Little Acorns- Greenpoint

P.S 196- Williamsburg

Community Partnership Charter School- Clinton Hill

Brooklyn East Collegiate- Prospect Heights

Baybee Lounge Daycare- East New York

Baybee Lounge Nursery- East New York

Audrey Johnson Learning Center- Bushwick

Lolly’s Learning Center- Long Island City

Brighter Babies- Long Island City

Williamsburg & Greenpoint Playschool

Pinocchio Children’s Palace- East Flatbush

La Cima Charter School- Bedford–Stuyvesant

Little Brown School- Williamsburg

Summerino Play-Williamsburg & Greenpoint Locations

Play Lab– Bushwick

ABC Child Center– Greenpoint

ABC Infant & Toddler Center– Greenpoint

PS 31– Greenpoint

PS 59- Bushwick

Two by Two-Williamsburg

Unity Prep- Bed Stuy

Preschool of America- Bay Ridge

Arts and Letters- Fort Greene

Association to Benefit Children- Harlem

Bed Stuyvesant New Beginning- Bed Stuy

PS 62- Ozone Park

PS 34- Greenpoint

PS 147- Williamsburg

PS 120-Bushwick

Kat Mint Learning Initiative- Bed Stuy

Tender Tots- Bronx

Foundations Academy- Greenpoint

MS 126- Greenpoint

PS 18- Williamsburg

Francis Perkin Academy- Williamsburg

PS 110- Greenpoint

PS 84- Williamsburg

PS 157- Fort Greene

HSIAM- Rockaway

Many other public schools. Please click the following to read on all our Class Offerings.