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Our Mission

Enrichment Education as a right of life rather than a luxury

Vision & Principles

Our Vision
For every child in this country incorporate movement and mindfulness as a life skill.
Our Principles
  • No school or parent is refused service for lack of financial resources
  • Financial transparency with our schools, staff, volunteers, partners, sponsors, funders, and community
  • Affordable and quality enrichment programs for school and parent communities
  • Maintaining an exceptional level of professionalism and community service that makes a difference everyday
  • On-going training and on-site teacher support for instructors

Photography by Payal Parikh Video by Mitchell Espinoza

I have been looking for classes like these for my preschool-aged daughter for a while. The classes are child-centered and age-appropriate. At home, she integrates the new movements into her play. She loves her teachers and is looking forward to class each time. Hosh Yoga welcomes and encourages high parent participation. The teachers’ love for teaching children shows. They are great at designing classes that hold their attention, excite them with new movements and they respond to the changing energy flow of the children during class. We love the classes and the whole community-minded concept of Hosh Yoga. – Ruth, Hosh Kids Parent

The team at Hosh Kids is welcoming and accepting of all participants.  My son LOVES his yoga and dance classes and I love that the program is financially accessible.  Hosh Kids is a true gift to our neighborhood! – Sara, Hosh Kids Parent

Hosh Kids provides amazing, interactive classes for children ages 3 months-5 years at both of my daycare centers.  The organization is professional and the teachers are well trained in all the best practices for young children.  Henry Cross runs an incredible program and we are very fortunate to offer the Hosh Kids experience to our 120 children. The parent feedback has been very positive as they are thrilled with our addition of Hosh Kids to the curriculum. -Ilana, Founder Lolly’s Learning Center

My time as a volunteer at Hosh Yoga and Hosh Kids has been both enriching and rewarding. Working as a grant writer, I have learned a great deal about the process for soliciting funds from foundations and I have honed my research and writing skills. Moreover, witnessing the positive impact that Hosh makes in the community makes me feel lucky to be a part of the team. – Nick, Hosh Kids Volunteer

I came on board to Hosh Kids excited to work with Henry Cross once again; however, my excitement continues to grow as the students, schools and staff show me how innovative, eager and joyful they are about the arts. Hosh Kids creates an environment where the student-teacher relationship consists of both parties learning from the other. Henry helps facilitate this type of relationship where the students learn the art form while the teacher develops weekly activities that are specifically created for that school and their development. As a teacher I could not ask for a better mentor to collaborate with, as Henry visits classes and suggests creative ways to problem solve in the classroom. Hosh Kids represents a collaboration between teachers and kids enjoying the beauty and discipline of art. -Renee, Hosh Kids Teacher

Press Coverage

Our Team

Henry Cross

Founder Hosh Kids & Executive Director

Henry Cross is the Founder of Hosh Kids, a Brooklyn based non-profit that makes enrichment education as a right of life rather than a luxury. He is also the Program Director of the North Brooklyn community studio Hosh Yoga. Henry blends his experience in education, yoga, and business to better serve the New York City community. He is a member of his local Community Board and enjoys ballroom dancing anytime.

Yuuki Hirano

Co-Founder Hosh Kids & Assistant Executive Director

Yuuki Hirano is a co-founder and Assistant Executive Director of Hosh Kids.  He assist the program in the strategic direction and vision of the organization. Yuuki is also co-founder of Hosh Yoga and Dou Yoga.

Advisory Committee

Grit Weber- Accounting & Bookeeping

Grit Weber is a transplant from Germany and supports Hosh Kids and Hosh Yoga regarding all accounting matters and financial issues. Grit is a dedicated financial professional with extensive domestic and international experience in full-charge bookkeeping, administrative support, and in office management. Although accounting and finances are her true passion, she is also member of our advisory committee, enthusiastic to contribute to the future of the Hosh community.

Simon Reid- Development

Simon is a graduate of George Washington University and the University of California. In addition to his previous experience as a development consultant for Hosh Kids, he has several years of development experience including annual fund and major gifts positions. His non-development experience includes work in the areas of criminal prosecution and civil litigation. He is a long time resident of San Francisco and fills his free time with open water swimming, trail running, and 49ers football.

Laura Cofsky- Communications

Laura Cofsky is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania who is thrilled to be working with Hosh Yoga and Hosh Kids. A born and bred New Yorker with experience in both writing and editing, Laura has interned with The Philadelphia InquirerFitness Magazine, Dow Jones, and USA Today. In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga (of course), writing, reading, volunteering, dancing, and traveling (but only when she has the funds!). You can read her work on the Hosh Yoga and Hosh Kids blogs, and follow her on Twitter @LauraCky1.

Corey Lederman- Public Policy

Brooklyn-based Corey Lederman offers career expertise in public policy and advocacy work. As a member of the Courtroom Advocates Project, he represents victims of domestic violence in New York Family Court by helping them obtain orders of protection, while preparing clients to present cases effectively. Lederman also worked alongside the President/CEO of the NYC nonprofit, Seedco, on efforts to provide Affordable Care Act education and enrollment resources to hard-to-reach populations. Additional positions include Director of Communications with MedAccess Global, LLC, and Senior Coordinator for the American University of Antigua (in NYC). With a B.A. degree in Psychology, and a minor in Political Science from Montclair State University, he is set to earn a J.D. degree in 2016 from CUNY Law School (City University of New York School of Law).

Matthew Murtha- Science and Research

Matthew Murtha is molecular biologist currently working as a post-doctoral fellow at the New York University School of Medicine where his research focuses on transcriptional regulation in embryonic stem cells and neural development. He graduated magna cum laude with B.S. degrees in biochemistry and molecular biology from The Florida Institute of Technology. He went on to earn his Ph.D. in the laboratory of Dr. Brian Kaspar at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University. Matthew enjoys several types of yoga practice in his free time and is committed to advancing the health and wellness of his community and children.

Melissa Boigon- Marketing

Melissa Boigon was an original Hosh Kids instructor, teaching music and movement in-studio to children 18 months to 4 years old.   She also served as the Communications Coordinator for Hosh Kids, organizing outreach to local communities to help expand the program throughout North Brooklyn. Melissa is a cum laude graduate of New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. She now works as a Regulatory Paralegal specializing in client outreach, and continues to play music and practice yoga regularly.

Liz Khoo- Graphic Design and Web Design
Liz became involved with Hosh as yoga class participant and is thrilled to now support Hosh Kids. Liz has created designs for both web and physical products, having worked for a research think tank, a Brooklyn design studio, and as an freelance product designer. Prior to her design career, she worked for six years as a data analyst for digital marketing agencies. Liz holds a B.A. cum laude from Wesleyan University and is currently finishing her master’s degree from ITP at New York University.  
Sara Taleff- Parent Coordinator
Sara Taleff is the mom of a Hosh Kid.  Sara’s passion both professionally and personally is education.  Her current work is raising her two kids but she has been engaged/involved with education as a special education teacher, trainer, consultant, education policy maker, and a leader in school mental health.  Sara has a MS in Education and a BS in Organizational Change.  She loves to run, make food from scratch, host events, plan adventures for her family and volunteer in the community.


Hosh Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving the communities of New York City with enrichment education programs for children as a right of life rather than a luxury. You will find Hosh Kids’ IRS 990 Forms, fiscal reports, and related documents below.

Partners & Sponsors

Hosh Kids is a subsidiary organization of Hosh Yoga. Hosh Yoga relies on the generosity of local and corporate partners and sponsors helping us provide a more sustainable yoga community in New York City.  We thank our partners and sponsors for their on-going and incredible support.


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