The Story of Hosh Kids

When Hosh Kids began offering classes in January 2013, it was responding to the lack of access and affordable enrichment education for children in New York City. Since 2009, Hosh Yoga has been a part of the north Brooklyn community bringing donation-based yoga to thousands of students in  Greenpoint and Williamsburg. The founders of Hosh Yoga are Hamid Elsevar Hamidzadeh RYT© 500, Ty Moses, Yuuki Hirano RYT© and Becca Broughton RYT©. In Azerbaijan, the homeland of founder Hamid Elsevar, people welcome others into their space with “xoş gälmişsiniz”, which literally means “welcome.” In Azerbaijani (Turkish), the word XOS (Hosh) means “auspicious” and “heartwarming”. In Sanskrit, Hosh appropriately translates as “awareness”. XOS now shares this awareness and welcoming spirit with the children of New York.

 Hosh Kids founder Henry Cross noticed that in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, sidewalks were filling up with strollers. On the outside, Northern Brooklyn seems to be thriving, with a vibrant youth culture and a very well-known arts community. However, there are children struggling. The child poverty rate is 30% in New York City, but in Northern Brooklyn, reports indicate it’s a staggering 55%. And ironically, in the culturally-rich hub that is Williamsburg, children don’t have enough access to affordable art or exercise programs.

Hosh Kids’ mission goes beyond North Brooklyn. Public, private, parent-run pre-schools, elementary, and middle schools struggle to afford and offer enrichment programs to students. Despite the hard-work of many in the fitness and education industry, there is still a need for enrichment programming in schools. Parents are unable to afford enrichment programs for their children, and public schools are many times unable to pay for enrichment programs due to limited financial resources. Preschools and Head Start programs have little in the way of enrichment programs. Research shows that children involved with art, music, dance and yoga at an early age is a great way to address their health, wellness, and academics. And here is where we make a difference. Our mission assures communities have enrichment education for children as a right of life rather than a luxury. We believe enrichment programs educate the whole being by increasing their creative capacity and intelligence.


Our approach is to give students, parents, and schools a range of options. For schools, we offer affordable, fee-based programs. We are flexible about how much we charge in order to ensure that as many students as possible can take advantage of our programs. In poorer districts, we might only ask that schools cover the cost of teachers, and, when necessary, seek the assistance of outside funders and volunteers.

The parents love us, too. Ruth, a Hosh Kids parent, is excited by the fact that her child integrates the movements we teach her into her play. Her daughter is excited to come to class, and loves the teachers.

“We love the classes and the whole community-minded concept of Hosh Yoga.”

Schools appreciate and value our work as well.

“Hosh Kids provides amazing, interactive classes for children ages 3 months-5 years at both of my daycare centers.  The organization is professional and the teachers are well trained in all the best practices for young children.”

Ilana, Founder Lolly’s Learning Center

Our Results and Impact Map

Hosh Kids, a sister organization of Hosh Yoga that fills the enrichment needs of schools in New York City offering affordable and quality programming. See Hosh’s impact map and service data below!

Keeping fit over 3000 children per week

More than 30 programs  in NYC